Immediate Keyless Recovery

Instantly sweep assets to secure backup environments ensuring minimal disruption and seamless continuation of business operations.

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Advanced Protection For Your Digital Assets

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Keyless Backup and Recovery

Circuit empowers businesses to back up and recover their crypto assets without the need to manage key materials.

Our platform operates on a trustless basis, eliminating the need for a “trusted third party” and significantly reducing the risks associated with key management. This enhances security and streamlines the recovery process, making it both faster and safer.

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Real-time Threat Response:

Circuit provides immediate response to threats and disasters, allowing for the instantaneous reallocation of funds when a threat is detected.

This capability is crucial in minimizing losses and disruptions caused by security breaches or operational failures, ensuring continuous business operations.

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Systemic Risk Mitigation

The digital asset market faces systemic risks from the high concentration of assets within specific custody providers. If any of these key providers fail, it would disrupt market operations significantly.

Traditional backup services are inadequate for such scenarios. Circuit addresses this critical vulnerability by enabling immediate asset recovery into alternative providers. This capability allows for entire markets to resume business operations within minutes—not weeks.

Circuit effectively addresses a broad spectrum of threat scenarios including technological failures, loss of access to private keys, bankruptcy, and various other operational and cyber threats.

We empower institutions to remove operational risk.

Platform Agnostic

Our platform is designed to be fully compatible with any digital asset custody provider, offering versatile integration capabilities.

Eliminate Counterparty Risk

Circuit mitigates counterparty risks effectively by enabling businesses to recover their assets swiftly in the event of a custody provider’s technical downtime, failure, or cessation of operations.

Multichain Support

Circuit supports a wide range of major blockchain platforms, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Ripple and others.

Our Partners

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Tom Kiddle CEO at Palisade
We are huge fans of the Circuit team. They have the best solution we’ve seen and its a no brainer for us to partner with them. They are the ideal recovery partner for our clients to give them peace of mind.
Tom Kiddle - CEO at Palisade